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SS Preview – “I Need to Share Jesus With Others – Jonah 3” – May 13th, 2018

Join us this Sunday for Sunday School! Our theme for this section is “Repentance”. Our topic is “I Need to Share Jesus With Others”. The text for the lesson is Jonah 3. Need a ride or have questions: Contact Us   

You Are Worth Something! – To the Drug Addict

At times you may feel as a drug addict that you are not worth anything! This is simple not true! You have great value. You are important. If our church can be of help, please visit our contact us page and let us know. Have you trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior? If…
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“Repentance – Joel 2” – SS Preview – April 29th, 2018

Join us this week for Sunday School at 9:30am. If you need a ride or have questions, you can visit our contact us page.  Have you trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior? If not,  Put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ today and be saved!  (CLICK HERE for more information.)

SS Lesson Preview – “Good Friends” (2 Chron. 22-24) – CBC Altoona

God desires that I have friends that direct us to Him. This is a preview of the Sunday School lesson that will be taught in each class this Sunday at Community Baptist Church of Altoona, PA.  Hope to see you this Sunday! Sunday School starts at 9:30am. Contact us with any questions you have. 

Pastor’s Reaction to 3 Overdose Deaths in Altoona, PA

Sadly there are many in our city struggling with drug addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling today, you need to find help! There is hope! 

42000 Died from Drug Addiction in 2017 – Who Becomes A Drug Addict? – Central, PA

Have you ever wondered who becomes a drug addict? It is very sad to say that 42,000 people died from drug addiction in the state of Pennsylvania during 2017. Someone you know may be in need of help! There is help for each person.  

God is the Helper of the Helpless Addict – CBC Altoona

Do you feel trapped in drug addiction? You are not alone. God wants to help you through this struggle you are in. Will you let him help you? Please let us know if our church can pray for you or help you.

“Lost” Describes Drug Addiction

In this video Pastor Mark Mahan of Community Baptist Church in Altoona, PA shares about drug addiction and the sad reality of the impact it is having on so many lives in our country.

Facing Your Problem of Drug Addiction – Altoona, PA

Do you struggle with drug addiction? In this video Pastor Mark Mahan shares some help and the need to face your problem of drug addiction.

Marriage Matters! – Take a Moment for Marriage

In this video Pastor Mark Mahan and his wife Tracy share why marriage matters! Take a moment and reflect on why your marriage matters! It truly does.

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