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CBC Altoona – Christmas Music Program 2017

Watch our church’s Special Christmas Music Program 2018 with music specials from the children, adults, quartet, and solo.

You Need Help With Drug Addiction!

The answer to your drug addiction is not in a pill. In this video our Pastor Mark Mahan of the Community Baptist Church in Altoona, PA shares how he personally got victory over drug addiction.

Some Solutions to Having a Happier Home

Check out this new video on the home that Pastor and Mrs. Tracy did. There are a few more videos to come on the home so stay tuned! 

Altoona Fire Department Appreciation Video!

November 19th, 2017 during our annual Thanksgiving service we honored our local fire department by presenting them with a hand-made wooden flag with a plaque which read.  “Passing by this flag go some of Altoona’s bravest into duty and danger and God goes with you. From Community Baptist, Joshua Armour, Pastor Mark E. Mahan Thanksgiving…
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You Need Help With Drug Addiction!

Are you struggling with drug addiction? Can’t seem to get rid of the drugs? My friend, there is hope and there is help! You cannot do it on your own. You need help to overcome drug addiction.  In this video our pastor shares how he once struggled with drug addiction, but God has given him…
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“What I Learned Today” – 11/17/17

Pastor Mahan is the Pastor of the Community Baptist Church in Altoona, PA. In these series “What I Learned Today” Pastor Shares what he learned from the Word of God in his daily study.

You Are Invited to Come Visit Us!

You are invited to come visit us! We are a church located in beautiful, Altoona, PA that would be honored if you came and visited us! Watch the video below as our Pastor Mark Mahan and his wife introduce our church and it’s ministries to you! If you have any more questions, feel free to…
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How to Be Happy

Do you every struggle with unhappiness? In this video Pastor Mark shares some tips on how to be happy. We this video will be a blessing to you. Let us know if we can ever help you!  

You Can Overcome Drug Addiction!

There is hope and help for drug addiction! “I have been clean for decades and so can you.” “When I began to read this book it changed my heart, it changed my thinking, and it changed the path my feet are going on.” “There is hope for you. I urge you to step out and…
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